Auger Motor for Corn Stove & Some Pellet (2 rpm)-Part Number: CU-047042

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2.4 rpm auger ('feed') motor for our Multi-Fuel unit - models with 10-CPM, 49-SHCPM, 49-SHCPML or 49-TRCPM in the model number.
ALSO is the auger ('feed') motor for the pellet utility furnace (Models with "PUF" in model number) AND the Pellet Auxiliary Heater (Models with "PAH" in the model number).
Also is the 'feed' auger motor for "Evolution Pellet" and "Imperial Pellet" models (Models with "EP" or "IP" in model number).
ALSO is the stirrer motor (turns the stirrer) for the Corn Stove - model numbers 10-CDV, 49-SHC22 or 49-TRC22.

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