Pellet Stoves NEW- TIMBER RIDGE / plus accessories

Pellet Stoves NEW- TIMBER RIDGE / plus accessories
Brand New Pellet Burning Stoves from England Stove Works.
All Timber Ridge Pellet stoves are EPA Certified (as well as the Multi-fuel stove, and our wood stoves that are listed as "EPA Certified").


Pellet fuel is very cost competitive, I have provided a link that compares other fuel sources and their cost Click to Compare Fuel Costs! just plug in prices of fuel type for your area to see results.

Benefits of Pellets; There are an estimated 1,000,000 residences/businesses in the U.S. currently heating with pellets. more info provided on pellet fuel here!

Here is a copy of the tax credit certificate for the purchase of our qualifying stoves, use this for your year end tax preparation. 2016 tax credit certificate!

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