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Lighting Your BBQ Charcoals or Fireplace Wood in Just 90 Seconds Without Using Fluid, Wax or any Fire Starter The Simpler Way to Ignite and Enjoy Tastier Foods on the Grill -The patented hot air-stream process eliminates the chemical taste that sometimes is infused in food when using lighter fluid and gas grills.
-The Blow Lighter is an electric fire starter that is more like a blow dryer on steroids. It contains an electric coil and blows air through the cylinder at a very high rate.
-The Blow Lighter does not throw flames, but instead blows a hot air-stream at 1,250 degrees Fahrenheit, and is equipped with a safety casing that cools to the touch within a few seconds after use.
LIGHT YOUR BARBECUE Make a pile of charcoal, (or whatever material you are using). Touch the pile with the tip of the Looftlighter Pull it slightly backwards when sparks or glow appear.

Continue pointing the Looftlighter towards the same spot for at least 60 seconds (to ignite the charcoal) or a couple of minutes (to get the charcoal white and ready to use).

Looftlighter works great for wood fireplace and fire pits. Use same motion as above to light the small pieces of kindling.
It also come with a handy bottle opener.

Click here for a video on how this looflighter works!

Product dimensions: 19" x 3" x 2.2" 2Lbs